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Reference customers

"webKeeping" družstvoSlovakian accounting company providing tax advice, payroll processing and bookkeeping.
AGEL a.s.Company dealing with management and consulting activities in the field of healthcare which ranks among the absolute top not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the entire European Union. Member of the AGEL group.
AGEL Dialýza s.r.o.Medical facility providing specialized medical care for patients with nephrological diseases in the catchment area of Šumperk and around Červená Voda. Member of the AGEL group.
AGEL SK a.s.Operator of medical facilities in Slovakia, a subsidiary and a member of the AGEL group, which is the most successful private healthcare provider in Central Europe.
AGEL Středomoravská nemocniční a.s.The company manages and operates hospitals in Prostějov, Přerov and Šternberk. Member of the AGEL group.
AGEL Transfusion Service & nbsp; a.s.The company ensures the functionality of the strategic transfusion facilities of the AGEL holding, subsidizing of blood banks and the availability of pharmaceutical forms from fractionation and recombinant procedures. Member of the AGEL group.
Air Bank a.s.Provider of financial services for small clients. In addition to innovative internet banking, it has its own branch network. It is part of the PPF financial group.
APOGEO AccountingCompany providing tax advice and services in the field of international taxation, tax planning and optimization.
BATIST Medical a.s.Distributor and seller of medical and hygienic products - bandages, plasters, fixation systems.
Benxy s.r.o.An online service provider known as Zonky which, based on the principle of P2P lending, connects people who want a loan with people who want to borrow, and thus increases the value of their money.
Bianchi & Partners s.r.o.Italian-Czech legal, tax and accounting office.
Bisnode Česká republika, a.s.Major European provider of economic information on companies and entrepreneurs.
BS vinařské potřeby s.r.o.Leading Czech supplier for winemakers, winegrowers and sommelier.
C & F Manufacturing s.r.o.Producer of sheet metal products, operating in the Czech Republic since 2001.
Citfin - Finanční trhy, a.s.Foreign currency exchange expert offering advantageous exchange rates and bank accounts for small and medium-sized enterprises trading abroad.
COPY SERVIS spol. s r.o.Official and certified partner of Canon and Ricoh in the Czech Republic.
CREDO-ELEKTRO spol. s r.o.Czech manufacturing company with a long tradition. Its main business is the production of low voltage switchboards up to 1000V according to ČSN EN 61439-1.
Crocodille ČR, spol s r.o.Leading manufacturer and seller of packaged baguettes and sandwiches. The operator of the Bageterie Boulevard fast food chain.
CS TRANS s.r.o.Transport company providing services in international and domestic road transport.
ČD travel, s.r.o.Travel agency offering domestic and foreign recreation, wellness stays and stays for seniors.
Daejung Europe, s.r.o.Manufacturer of plastic components and parts of air conditioning units for the automotive industry.
DAFE - PLAST JIHLAVA, s.r.o.Manufacturer of plastic and aluminum windows, doors, glass facades and conservatories.
DEMONTA Trade SEProcessor and seller of scrap metal with more than 30 years of tradition.
DESPA OK s.r.o.Manufacturer and seller of forklifts and other handling equipment.
DF Partner s.r.o.Manufacturer and distributor of car chemistry, car cosmetics and car accessories brand SHERON.
DOLS-výroba Dveří, Oken, Listovních Schránek, a.s.Manufacturer of mailboxes, supplier of aluminum and plastic windows and doors throughout the Czech Republic.
Dopravní zdravotnictví a.s.The company operates accredited medical facilities POLIKLINIKA AGEL. The individual polyclinics continue the tradition of railway polyclinics. It offers its clients comprehensive services at the highest level using modern medical technology. Member of the AGEL group.
DS Smith Packaging Czech Republic s.r.o.Leading European packaging technology company dealing with packaging technology tailored to customer needs, with an emphasis on state-of-the-art packaging design.
EGERIA, spol. s r.o.Major distributor and seller of fuels in the Czech Republic.
Elastomer Solutions, s.r.o.Manufacturer and supplier of rubber components and rubber for world-renowned car brands.
Elektroporcelán a.s.Manufacturer of porcelain insulators for low and high voltage with a long tradition.
ELEKTROPROF SVĚTELNÁ TECHNIKA spol. s r.o.Manufacturer of outdoor, industrial and interior lighting.
Elektroprof a.s.Company providing complete supplies in the field of electronics, especially the design and manufacture of switchboards for demanding customers.
enteria a.s.Holding company of Czech construction companies established in 2008 with the intention of ensuring better functioning and competitiveness of its members thanks to the complexity of services offered within the holding.
FERROS PRAHA s. r. o.Company engaged in the purchase, sale and separation of metallurgical materials and the production of shaped blanks.
FitOut Budapest Kft.Hungarian market leader in the field of products and services needed for the creation and equipment of interiors, all in the form of turnkey delivery.
G7, a.s.Supplier of quality fuels, additives, oils and lubricants with operations throughout the Czech Republic.
GANT Central Europe s.r.o.Wholesale and retail seller of GANT clothing.
GANT Hungary KftHungarian representation of the world-famous clothing brand GANT.
HOFMANN BOHEMIA - partner gastronomie, s.r.o.Company providing advice, sales, installation and repair of equipment in the field of gastronomy.
Home Credit Slovakia, a.s.Leading provider of consumer finance in Slovakia. It offers special-purpose and non-specific financing through consumer and revolving loans, and its product portfolio is complemented by cash loans.
Home Credit a.s.One of the leading suppliers of consumer financing services in the Czech Republic. It provides targeted and non-targeted financing through consumer and revolving loans, and the product portfolio is complemented by cash loans.
HON a.s.Manufacturer and seller of office furniture and accessories providing 3D processing of office interiors.
Hotel Dlouhé Stráně, s.r.o.The hotel is located in the village of Loučná nad Desnou at an altitude of 600 m in the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area. It provides advantageous conditions for active rest and recreation.
Hroší stavby Morava a.s.Construction company providing construction of tracks, sidings, roads, sidewalks and sewers, including design services. Member of the enteria holding company.
Htech cz s.r.o.Leading manufacturer of machines for processing fruits, vegetables and frozen products.
Hügli Food s.r.o.International manufacturer of high-quality, customized foods such as soups, sauces, broths, spices, desserts and ready meals.
CHEMOTEX Děčín a.s.Company operating in the production of chemical industrial products and products in the field of cosmetics and pharmacy.
Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.Company providing construction, reconstruction and repair of technical state and municipal infrastructure, reconstruction of civil and industrial buildings. Member of the enteria holding company.
CHMELAŘSTVÍ, družstvo ŽatecCurrently associating 99 Czech and Moravian hop growers, the organization is primarily engaged in the purchase, storage, processing and trade of hops.
CHOPA spol. s r.o.Leading manufacturer in the field of drugstores and cosmetics in the Czech Republic.
iMi Partner, a.s.Specialist in promotional items in the Czech Republic.
iMi Trade, s.r.o.Specialist in promotional items in Slovakia.
INFORMAČNÍ CENTRUM PODNIKATELŮ s.r.o.Publisher of professional journals in the field of commercial, labor and construction law, taxes and accounting.
INSET s.r.o.Since 1991, the company has profiled itself as a reliable and operative partner of investors, project organizations and construction contractors.
INSKY spol. s r.o.Traffic construction. It builds sidings and ground, rail, road and transport structures or bridges, including steel structures.
inSPORTline shops s.r.o.An online store with fitness equipment for gyms of the inSPORTline brand and fitness machines for home use.
Intecha, spol. s r.o.Design, engineering, procurement and supply company that provides a wide range of services for the chemical and related industries.
INVA Building Materials s.r.o.Exclusive suppliers of SOUDAL brand construction chemicals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
JUDr. Vladimír MuzikářMuzikár & Partners provides a comprehensive range of legal services and is one of the most important law firms in Brno.
K.A.L.T. Logistic s.r.o.The company operates property management and rental, warehousing and domestic freight transport.
KERAMOST, a.s.Company engaged in the extraction and processing of clays, producer of bentonite-based products.
KERAMTECH s. r. o.Leading manufacturer of technical and foundry ceramics with an unbroken tradition of production since 1878.
Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s.The company operates the Congress Center in Prague, one of the leading European congress centers. It offers facilities for organizing events of various kinds such as congresses, conferences, business meetings and more.
Kostečka Group spol. s r.o.Supplier of prefabricated and mobile air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and water treatment products for households as well as for the commercial sphere.
KVIS Pardubice a.s.Supplier of small and medium-sized waterworks. Member of the enteria holding company.
Liberecké strojírny s.r.o.One of the largest manufacturers of modern bakery equipment in the Czech Republic.
LN - ÚČTO s.r.o.Provider of services and consulting in the field of accounting and tax solutions.
Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. KolínA leader in cyanide chemistry, a manufacturer of chemical products, sulfur-based liquid nitrogen fertilizers, growth regulators, ammonia water and SOLAKRYL acrylate resins.
MAGNUM CAR, a.s.Dealer of brand new ŠKODA cars providing warranty and post-warranty repairs.
MATEZA spol. s r.o.Leading Czech supplier of bearings, seals, belts, lubrication equipment and other machine parts.
MEDI RELAX M+M s.r.o.Occupational health services provider operating across the Slovak Republic. Member of the AGEL group.
MEDICAL GROUP SK a.s.Distributor of drugs, medical devices and special medical supplies to hospitals and pharmacies.
MEGA a.s.A company providing quality technologies and comprehensive services in the areas of water purification, surface treatment of materials and ecology.
MemBrain s.r.o.Research, engineering and technological company focusing its activities on research and innovation activities in the field of membrane processes.
MERTLIN s.r.o.Leading manufacturer and distributor of medical and hygiene products.
Městská bytová správa, spol. s r.o.The company provides property management of privatized flats and flats owned by housing cooperatives for the Hodonin town.
METALL QUATRO spol. s r.o.Supplier of complete turnkey constructions in the field of building and transport constructions and engineering networks.
MOJE AMBULANCE a.s.Nationwide provider of health care and GP services for adults.
MOL čerpací stanice, s.r.o.The second largest operator of gas stations on the Czech market.
Moravské divadlo Olomouc, příspěvková organizaceThe only theater with three art ensembles in Central and Eastern Moravia.
MULTIRENT FINANCE s.r.o.Provider of financial services and loans.
Multiscan s.r.o.Provider of health care in the fields of oncology, radiotherapy and radiodiagnostics in the Pardubice region and around the towns of Chrudim, Ústí nad Orlicí and Svitavy.
Muzeum Komenského v Přerově, příspěvková organizaceOperates in the field of museums, monument care and nature protection. The museum's permanent exhibitions are located at the Přerov chateau, where exhibitions and cultural events also take place.
myonic s.r.o.Manufacturer of bearings for medical devices, aero and arm industries.
Nakladatelství Fraus, s.r.o.One of the largest publishers of textbooks in the Czech Republic and a promoter of interactive teaching and the introduction of new teaching methods in schools.
NATLAND GROUP, SEService provider in the area of financing business plans, venture capital and investing funds in small and medium-sized companies.
Nemocnica AGEL Komárno s.r.o.The most important health care provider in the Komárno district. Member of the AGEL group.
Nemocnice AGEL Nový Jičín a.s.The only hospital with a comprehensive structure of health care in the Novojičín region. It also includes a supra-regional leading oncology center, KOC - Comprehensive Oncology Center AGEL Nový Jičín. Member of the AGEL group.
Nemocnice Šumperk a.s.Non-governmental medical facility with an extensive inpatient and outpatient unit. Provides care for the catchment area of up to 200,000 inhabitants. Highly specialized care is provided mainly by a range of demanding surgical procedures, of which around 8,000 are performed annually.
OLTERM & TD Olomouc, a.s.Manufacturer and supplier of thermal energy for apartments, schools, tertiary and commercial spheres in Olomouc and its surroundings.
ON SEMICONDUCTOR CZECH REPUBLIC, s.r.o.Multinational manufacturer and supplier of semiconductors and integrated circuits.
OPTYS, spol. s r.o.Offset and digital printer with a wide production program. One of the largest producers of corporate prints in the Czech Republic.
PCS spol. s r.o.A reliable partner in the field of security - of people, property and data. Operates in the field of special technologies for measuring physical quantities and for the analyses of chemical composition.
Perfect Distribution a.s.The largest distributor of medical supplies, technical instruments, disinfectants, cleaners, incontinence aids and all other materials needed for all types of medical facilities in the Czech Republic.
Pivovar Nymburk, spol. s r.o.The brewery known from the film Postřižiny (Cutting it short) brews several types of light and dark beers and several specials.
ProInterier s.r.o.Provider of turnkey interior solutions for offices, banks, developers, hospitals or centers according to customer requirements.
PUDIS a.s.Design, research and consulting company operating in the field of transport and civil engineering.
RAVY CZ a.s.Specialist in roasted meatloaf and other meat products.
REPAM ELEKTRO s.r.o.Specialist in electrical installation materials and lighting fixtures.
Repharm a.s.The operator of the AGEL Pharmacies network. Member of the AGEL group.
ROS, a.s.Authorized dealer of Volkswagen, Škoda and Audi cars in Brno.
SEALL s.r.o.Seller and manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing elements, also providing design, consulting and service activities.
Sekyra Group, a.s.Leading developer in the residential and commercial segment operating on the Czech market since 1996.
SCHÄFER a SÝKORA s.r.o.Specialized seller operating in the lighting and automotive technology industry.
SI Corporate Finance, a.s.One of the largest investment groups on the Czech market offering advisory and consulting services in the field of finance.
SLUŽBY MĚSTA JIHLAVY s.r.o.Company providing technical and municipal services for the Statutory City of Jihlava.
Speciální stavby Most spol. s r.o.Company that specializes in the construction of industrial buildings, demolition of industrial and civil buildings, blasting work, as well as in heavy and oversized transport.
Strand s.r.o.Processor of stainless steel, supplier of conveyor systems and manufacturer of structures for stainless steel architecture.
ŠTROB &, spol. s r.o.Supplier of complete house equipment for industrial buildings, hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes.
TBG BETONMIX a.s.Manufacturer and distributor of concrete, masonry mortars and screeds in Brno, Vyškov, Prostějov and surroundings.
TEDOM s.r.o.Czech engineering business engaged in the development, production, operation and servicing of cogeneration units.
Technické služby města Liberec, p.o.Provider of construction and repair of roads and traffic signs, maintaining public spaces and urban greenery for the city of Liberec.
TEMPO TEAM, spol. s r.o.Provider of unaddressed and targeted distribution of leaflets, print-outs, catalogs and samples to households and companies.
TOP HOTELS GROUP a.s.Hotel congress center with 5 congress halls and 16 lounges with the possibility of variable arrangement, with a total capacity of up to 5,000 seats. There are more than 500 rooms and suites for accommodation.
Třinecký inženýring, a.s.The company offers engineering and assembly activities, implementation of residential, civil, engineering and industrial buildings. It also deals with the issue of ecological buildings.
U+M Servis s.r.o.Dealer and distributor of tractors, potato and root vegetable harvesting equipment, feeding equipment and other agricultural technology.
Účetnictví online s.r.o.Company offering online services in the field of accounting and tax records, human resources and wage processing.
VEST spol. s r.o.The largest family-owned producer of savoury pastries in the Czech Republic.
Vodovody a kanalizace Prostějov, a.s.Company operating public water supply and sewage.