The ESO9® Information System


An information system for small, medium and large companies

The functionality of the information system is tailored to match the needs and requirements of the customer as closely as possible.

The implementation of the ESO9 information system uses ESO9 Start as an initial template. We will propose a specific edition based on the customer's needs. This will contain specific processes and areas of activities necessary for operation.

The same technology is used for all editions, the only differences lies in the scope and length of implementation. The transition between individual editions consists of changing the licensing model and the volume of provided services.


ESO9 Start

for companies with simple processes

ESO9 Profi

for companies with individual needs

ESO9 Účto

for companies providing accounting services

ESO9 Maximum

for companies with multiple applications without licensing restrictions

Areas covered by ESO9®

  • Accounting
  • Planning
  • Assets
  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • CRM activities
  • Synchronization of contacts and calendars with MS Outlook
  • Warehouses (WMS)
  • ABC warehouse analysis, purchasing optimization
  • The ESO9 Tablet application
  • Managerial outputs
  • Controlling
  • Internal records (tasks)
  • Assembly, Service
  • Mail records
  • Document records (DMS)
  • Wages and HR
  • Workflow
  • Production
  • Data boxes
  • Shop, Scales
  • Report generator
  • Reporting server
  • Dashboards, Event Page